Month: February 2019

Beats of the congo, all you want to know

Music connects people. No matter where you are from, how old you are or even how wealthy, we all
have hear music in our lives. It can be a song on the radio, a mother’s lullaby or even the raindrops
falling on the sea. Life is full of music, it goes beyond languages and connects people emotions. Im
my humble opinion many of the world problems can be solve if we all listen to what our hearts can
share through music.

My experience

Let me tell you my experience. During my time in college I met a lot of people from all over the
globe. We were so different, some leave the shoes at the door, some were night owls, some made
their own steam cleaner and some liked eating ice cream with fries in it (ok, just me). Even though
our cultures were poles apart, one thing keep us all together, and that was our love of music.
Nathaly, an Indonesian young lady studying biology had the most angelic voice I’ve ever heard. She
always sang in her language, I didn’t understand a word, but I felt every note. Anki was from Africa
and he played the best congo beats for a party. Juliet, an Italian medicine student, loved to dance to
anything that made a sound.

Looking back to those years I feel grateful to have shared wonderful moments with such talented
people. Even in my wildest dreams as a kid I never thought that I could connect with people that
literally leaves in a whole different world. But our shared passion for music binged all together in
each one’s unique way. Trough music you share a piece of your soul with others, is a way to share
a culture by not telling, but showing.

We face music in our everyday life

Music is in the rhythm of the cars outside your window, is in the laugh of a child or the birds on the park. It can make you dance or cry your eyes out. It can bright up your day or help you express what you are going through. It is an experience that involves all the
senses. You can taste the words of a song. You feel the beat going through your skin. You can see
the joy or the pain as people share their feelings. All you have to do is listen.